Empowering WiFi Solutions with Measurable Values

CloudWifi, the brainchild of Frederix GmbH, is a game-changing professional WiFi solution that revolutionizes the way we connect. This cloud-based web application seamlessly gathers usage data from WiFi hotspots in various environments, including stores, schools, and living spaces, and consolidates it in a centralized cloud platform.

Project Involvement: Accelerating Innovation

During my collaboration with Frederix GmbH, I played a pivotal role in expediting the development of their cloud-based WiFi solution. From the very inception of the project, I was fully engaged in the entire lifecycle, from understanding the client’s requirements to designing, implementing, and rigorously testing the solution.

Agile Working Methods: Unleashing Rapid Prototyping and Refinement

By harnessing the power of agile working methods, our team achieved remarkable efficiency and agility throughout the development process. We were able to develop and showcase functional prototypes for new features within a week, and with just another week of dedicated testing and refinement, we ensured top-quality deliverables. This seamless workflow enabled us to introduce fresh, innovative features to CloudWifi every two weeks, regardless of the size of our team.

Comprehensive Tech Stack: Unleashing the Full Potential

To facilitate rapid development and ensure scalability, we carefully selected an exceptional tech stack for CloudWifi:

Frontend: Nuxt, Vuetify

Utilizing the power of Nuxt and Vuetify proved instrumental in our journey toward accelerated development. This frontend tech stack not only allowed us to swiftly design and develop prototypes, but it also ensured adherence to industry best practices, guaranteeing scalability without compromising efficiency.

Backend: NestJs

For a robust and scalable microservice architecture, we leveraged NestJs on the backend. Its versatility and reliability provided a solid foundation for the seamless operation of CloudWifi, catering to the demands of an ever-evolving technological landscape.

API: GraphQL

To further enhance the flexibility and expand the capabilities of CloudWifi, we integrated GraphQL into our tech stack. This decision unlocked unprecedented possibilities, enabling us to efficiently retrieve and manipulate data, resulting in an exceptional user experience.

With this comprehensive tech stack, we unleashed the true potential of CloudWifi, ensuring its stability, scalability, and adaptability for the benefit of our users.


In conclusion, my involvement in the development of CloudWifi with Frederix GmbH allowed me to witness the transformation of a vision into a groundbreaking reality. By embracing agile working methods and a cutting-edge tech stack, we achieved rapid prototyping, seamless refinement, and a top-quality end product. CloudWifi is not just a WiFi solution; it’s a game-changer that empowers businesses and institutions with measurable values, revolutionizing the way we connect and interact in today’s digital world.

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